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About  Us
Every work done with passion and responsibility is a masterpiece.

MARSAN KROM was founded in 2005 by Ünal Sandalcı and started its commercial activities. When our CEO realized the business gap in the chrome plating industry ABS, he decided to invest in the chrome plating industry ABS, a new business sector, in April 2012. Our company has been located in the 3rd section of the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone since February 2017 and continues its activities in a 6,000 m², with a closed production area of 4,000 m².

The company is focused on providing the highest quality products and services for the automotive sector, white goods,  lighting, fixtures, and all sectors where chrome plating of plastics is used, using the latest technology. In this context, the chrome plating plant includes Semi-Gloss / Bright / Microporous Nickel and Satin Nickel processes. In addition to the Chromium+6 bath in the plating plant, there are also Chromium+3 baths, which are more environmentally friendly and preferred by the automotive industry.

MARSAN KROM can carry out its production processes in an integrated way (plastic production, plating) and achieve a great competitive advantage in terms of quality and cost. Our company has 6 plastic injection molding machines, 90 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 260 tons (2 units), and 500 tons (2 units). Additionally, our company employs a CMM measuring machine to measure our products after injection molding.

In our factory, we have a laboratory with the necessary equipment to carry out all the quality control of the products we plate, such as thermal cycle, salt spray test, thickness measurement test, climatic chamber test, etc.

The sales objective of our company is to diversify the customer profile and become one of the leading suppliers in the automotive, white goods, and bathroom equipment markets. Moreover, our company, taking firm steps forward in the export field, continue to work in this direction.

Our target markets are constantly expanding for reasons such as the decorative and attractive appearance of chrome-plated products in the automotive and home appliance sectors, the easier formability than metal, and the lightness of plastic, and we believe that this growth will increase at the same rate in the future.

For the above reasons, our biggest goal is to become one of the leading companies in Turkey and Europe by providing high-quality services and products to the automotive and household appliances sectors on an institutional basis.

Progress on this path will be possible with

  • providing the product/service at the quality level required by the customer,
  • producing the product/service at a competitive price,
  • and by bringing it to the market on time.

With our chrome plating and injection printing activities, we analyze the needs of our corporate customers with an entrepreneurial approach in the fastest and most accurate way to meet them with products and solutions that meet their needs at the right time to become an indispensable solution partner for our customers, to use our resources effectively and efficiently, and to fulfill our responsibility to our stakeholders when necessary.


To be a trusted and preferred organization in the national and international markets,

To be one of the chrome plating facilities that stand out with its production and service capacity,

To be an organization that is known and adopted by customers in the market with its brand,

To be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to chrome plating,

To touch every area where people are present, from automotive to white goods, without giving up on our quality principles and to exist here.

Marsan in the World

We play an important role in the market with an export rate of 65%, succeeding to be among the few companies in the plastic plating sector in Europe.

About  Us