Chrome Plating
Chrome Plating

With our fully automated production facility with 6 robots and 90 baths, we offer various services to our customers with our products in different sizes, semi-bright/bright/microporous and satin nickel plating options, and our chrome +6 and chrome +3 baths.

In our production facility, 6 robots and 90 baths operate fully automatically with a daily capacity of 86,400 dm². Thanks to our automatic dosing, the precision of our planned maintenance, and the chemical analyses carried out in our laboratory throughout the production process; we can ensure that the concentrations of our baths are kept constant and that we can produce chrome-plated products of the highest quality.

Thanks to chrome +3 plating, the most valuable type of plating, especially for parts in the automotive sector, we can produce more environmentally friendly parts and more resistance to severe corrosion.

Chrome Plating

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