With our different injection machines from 90 tons to 500 tons, we manufacture our products in the most suitable way for chrome plating.

To meet the requirements of our customers, we offer 2 different options;

-We make plastic injection molds that are most suitable for chrome plating by working out all the technical details with our business partners, who are among the leading mold manufacturers in the industry.

-Our customers send us their injection molds, and we perform the plastic injection molding with a special raw material.

In our injection molding department, we have a total of 6 machines with the capacity of 90 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 260 tons (2 pieces), and 500 tons, which can produce with robots.

One of the most significant factors for the quality of chrome plating is that the injected materials are suitable for chrome plating. Our ability to act quickly and accurately with our experienced technical team makes us successful, from the design of the molds to the production of the first product.


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