MARSAN – Founder
“I believe success is based on listening to polyphony and teamwork.”

I saw all the companies I founded as public institutions, not as my own company. While working in this organization, I took care to lead like a professional, not like the company’s owner. I have always believed in team and family spirit in business life. For this reason, I have taken the utmost care to provide an environment where each member of my business family can freely express their own opinion. A leader alone cannot know everything. Therefore, polyphony is important. Because polyphony is the simultaneous production of new ideas of development and change for a common purpose by many brains. In this context, I believe success is based on listening to polyphony and teamwork.

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IATF 16949 certificate which is audited by VW Group, and Chrome +3 plating line, we meet all the industry's requirements with the highest quality.

Household Appliances

We serve to the leading companies in the market, from coffee machines to refrigerators, from ovens to washing machines.